A Private San Francisco Bay Area Recording Studio.

Purposeful sound treatments and a powerful audio workstation.
Great sounding rooms, mics & preamps.
Record ready instruments, amps & cabinets.

Available 7 days by appointment (10am-8pm)
Please reach out to me at 415.999.4764
or recording@7thchordstudio.com

Control Room at 7th Chord StudioR84 Ribbon Mic at 7th Chord Studio

Outboard Rack at 7th Chord StudioMain Room at 7th Chord Studio

Music Production & Recording Services
Tracking, Overdubbing, Mixing, Mastering,
Re-Amping, Vocal Tuning, Drum Trigger/Sampling,
Arranging, Editing, Comping and more...

by calling Alex at (415) 999-4764

Clients: Andy Mason, Andy Padlo, Bernie Reilly, Black-Tape, Bob O' Magic,
Brooke Michael, Bovo Boys, Bryan Harrison, Chris Hansen, Coexist, Coke White, Danny Scherr,
Dave Gursom, Davis Jones, Dayla Soul, Deborah Crooks, Deedra Wong, Dio McLeod,
Dutchboy, Elegant Clydes, Elektrik Sunset, EthaBo, Fleeting Trance, Fred Odell, Goorin Bros.,
Granite & Green, Guru, Hoptown, House of Nod, Ian Gaston, J Neo Marvin & The Content Providers,
Jack Da Hat and the Jackettes, Jacopo De Nicola, James Colley, James Moore, Jaybars
Jeff Cotton's Gin Joint, Jeremy Serwer, Jesse Grant, Jim Reid, JJ Schultz, Joe Abrams,
John Predny, Jon Bennett, Keith Daniel Washo, Kenny Cloud, Killian MacGeraghty, Koozito,
Last Stop Records, Lee Mallory, Los Huertos, Lullaby Crush, Madeline Edstrum, Marvjr,
Miriam Speyer & New Blend, Matt Swindells, Miller, Min Kahng, Moon Bass,
Moonbunnies, Mural Of Sun, Neil Howard, New Telepathic Friends, On A Mission Ent.,
Per Marshall, Patrick Huang, Phil Void, Raven Marcus, Rich Hubbard, Rocco B, Scott Robertson,
Shaun David & The Lost, Shavi Blake, Songs From The Living Room, Steve Arnston,
Steven Capozzola, Tall Shadows, The Fluorescents, The Jonah Kit, Terese Taylor, Ten To Six,
The New Black Trio, The Wildlife, Thrust, Todd Shipley, Toy House,
West Coast Songwriters, William Hibbits & Zhu.

Released 2018 - Listen to "Angry As I Am" by Granite & Green on Bandcamp.

Released 2018 - Listen to "Summertime High" by On A Mission on Spotify.