Little One's Keyboard


Version #2 This light keyboard is all whacked out! Voltage strain knob adds long wiggly tails to the piano sounds and throws the internal song melodies into a fantastic stooper! I replaced the internal speaker with a 1/4" output and added a kill switch for good measure. 13 songs and piano sounds (the black keys don't make sound)

Features & Modifications:
Expansion control knob – controls the voltage bend that grows a longer tail as you turn it clockwise eventually breaking down into a pulsing tone that fades to the end of the control.
Kill Switch - Momentary button cuts all sound when pressed. Stutter the samples, Mute some space.
2 Multicolored light displays - No speaker use output. 1/4" mono. connect it to an amplifier, mixer or daw.
Custom Artwork!
!!!WARNING!!! – this instrument can be very loud when amplified. !!!WARNING!!!
Operates on three “AA” batteries (NOT INCLUDED) VERSION #1 SOLD 9/23

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